My Dog left a pile of Hillary in the yard

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My Dog left a pile of Hillary in the yard

SE Cupp lambastes Hillary the pustule for her divisive, bigoted and hate-filled speech. To paraphrase Henry II, "Who will rid me of the meddlesome (repugnant) priest (Liberal, lying, hate filled bigot)?"

Hillary the loser lost it again

Here she is trying to be Fred Astaire

Just Dancin

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How much are the American

How much are the American taxpayers spending to protect this behemoth of a woman as she and her entourage galavant around the globe putting down white Americans with her misandrist world view directed at white men.....and her hate speech about white conservative women.....?.And if you notice her Muslim handler huma is in tow.....Thye should both be in prison.

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Thanks for the links, whenever I feel disillusioned about voting for Trump, it's always comforting to watch some Hilliary.

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Guess she would not have

Guess she would not have looked good coming down the steps from Air Force 1.

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